West Region

Our West Regional Office is located in Reno, Nevada. Nevada's business climate has been rated one of the best in the nation, offering a business-friendly tax structure and a government that works with businesses to minimize red-tape. This great business climate, combined with the beauty, recreation and quality of life offered by the state, make Nevada the perfect place to work and live.

Key Staff

 George Condon
 West Region
 Brendan Egan
 Director of Development
 West Region
 Shelagh Danna
 Assistant Development Manager
 West Region
 Carol Martin
 Marketing Coordinator and
 Foundation Administrator

Why Nevada?

Nevada's proximity to major markets, business-friendly tax structure and ready and able workforce make it one of the best places in the country to do business. The area offers exceptional infrastructure for a variety of businesses - including manufacturing, distribution and third-party logistics operations - as well as low shipping costs and one-day delivery to the 11-state western region market.

State Incentive Programs:

Sales & Use Tax Abatement – Eligible machinery and equipment would receive an abatement rate of 2%.

Sales Tax Deferral – Setting up interest-free payment plans for taxes into equal monthly payments over a 60 month period.

Modified Business Tax (Payroll) Abatement – 50% for 4 years on new jobs.

State Training Program Incentives:

Train Employees Now (TEN) – Training is administered and conducted in partnership with Nevada’s community colleges.

Silver State Works – Administered by Nevada Department of Employment Training and Rehabilitation (DETR).

Job Placement – Nevada Job Connect recruitment and employee search/job placement services are available at no cost to employers.

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