Northwest Industrial Real Estate Market

Doing Business in the Northwest

Washington’s business friendly climate and strategic location make it an ideal place for industrial distribution operations. The Tax Foundation ranks Washington's tax structure 11th in the U.S. for business friendliness. In addition to excellent business tax policies, Washington offers new and expanding companies a range of incentive programs, including tax incentives for a variety of businesses.

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Location and Logistics

Washington State connects exporters to the Pacific Ocean through 75 public ports, including the Port of Seattle and the Port of Tacoma. The state is also home to the 3rd largest container shipping center in North America.

The area’s transportation network includes:
• 139 airports, 26 with regular air freight service
• 75 ports, including 7 deep-water ports
• A waterway system that extends 352 miles inland
• Relationships with Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway and Union Pacific, as well as smaller railroads, servicing 3,666 miles of track throughout the state
• 7,044 miles of highways connected to a market of more than 10 million potential customers within a 24-hour drive

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