Midwest Region

Our Midwest Region Office is located just outside Chicago in the O'Hare Atrium Office Plaza. We chose Illinois as the center of our Midwestern operations because its central location in the heart of the Midwest is perfect for industrial facilities, and its robust economic climate fosters business development. The state's incomprable transportation infrastructure makes it the ideal location for warehousing, distribution, manufacturing, and logistics operations. 

Key Staff

  Douglas A. Kiersey, Jr.
  Dermody Properties

  Lou Berchicci
  Senior Vice President - Development
  Midwest Region
  Michael J. Dolan
  Midwest Region
  Vera M. Harder
  Marketing Specialist
  Dermody Properties
  Megan M. Rahn
  Property Administrator
  Midwest Region
  Timothy F. Walsh
  Partner, Chief Acquisition Officer
  Dermody Properties

Why Chicago?

Because of its broad economic base and diverse population the state is often described as a microcosm of the entire United States. Illinois is located in the industrial and geographic heart of the nation, which makes it an ideal place for manufacturing and distribution of goods across the states. Illinois is a national leader in exporting manufactured goods in both national and international markets. One-fifth of the Gross National Product is produced in the Midwest and nearly half of all the goods and services created in the U.S. are produced within one day's drive of the Illinois state line.

Illinois boasts a diverse transportation system with more than 2,100 miles of interstate, 16,300 miles of state highways, the nation’s second largest airport system and 1,118 miles of navigable waterways. More than fifty railroads provide service to every corner of the nation from this state, and two of the nation's largest rail gateways are in Illinois. In addition to Illinois' superior transportation system, the greater Chicago area also offers a diverse and skilled workforce with resources for businesses to train and cultivate their own skilled set of workers. Learn more about doing business in Chicago.

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