Speculative Industrial Development

Understanding our customers’ physical requirements is key to our success. Our experience enables us to know what our customers need in a building. That understanding, combined with a willingness to take strategic risks, have led to speculative success in key markets including Reno, Central/Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, Central New Jersey, Savannah, Portland, Las Vegas, Southern California, Indianapolis, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, Dallas, Cincinnati and Louisville.

Decades of industrial development experience have given our team the knowledge to design thoughtful, cost-effective and flexible spec buildings and parks that have proven time and again to attract strong customers. We consistently take a positive approach with community decision-makers and neighbors. The company is a leader in land planning and sustainable design, having developed more than 2 million square feet of LEED-certified industrial buildings since 2008.

Controlling and entitling land is an important component of successful development, and our development team has decades of experience. Many of our projects are an assemblage of land parcels, often with access, utility, environmental and political issues which can only be resolved through patient application. The company has a time-proven track record of strategically optioning, entitling and buying land to build speculative product to create value for our partners.