Logistics Facilities

Several years ago, we took a critical look at the many projects we had developed over the years to determine the techniques and practices that had produced the best results.  Our goal was to create a model that could be applied to as many of our projects as possible in our continuing mission of creating truly excellent developments, and not just meeting, but exceeding the expectations of our clients. Based on this research, the LogistiCenterSM concept was born.

LogistiCenterSM is a national trademark brand, owned and developed by Dermody Properties. It represents our business philosophy of developing Class A distribution facilities that meet the supply-chain requirements of the most innovative companies.

All LogistiCenterSM facilities are designed to meet best practices in sustainable design and construction, and incorporate building features, such as additional clear height and extra trailer and car parking, that enable companies to execute their operations more effectively and efficiently. Our efficient park footprint accommodates distribution technology in a highly cost-effective manner that benefits distribution operations.

Within the LogistiCenterSM model, we have also created the LogistiPortSM and LogistiCourtSM brands for those smaller industrial parks and facilities that meet our quality standards in locations with excellent ground or port access.