Green Development: LEED Certified Facilities

Global warming and greening the planet has been thrust into our consciousness as never before. Building sustainably is now given serious, in-depth consideration by all developers. Dermody Properties is committed to building green and educating our clients and ourselves on the inherent benefits.  Early in our process our pioneering efforts included a “4 Green” initiative that encompassed four basic precepts:

  • Design Green – Promote and use environmentally friendly materials and energy-efficient systems in new and retrofitted buildings
  • Build Green – Reduce construction waste, promote recycling during construction, and use green design criteria
  • Work Green – Create worker-friendly environments which increase employee productivity
  • Save Green – Carefully select building materials and systems, such as energy-efficient lighting, and reduce operational costs for our clients

While “4 Green” was and is an important step in this critical area, Dermody Properties is committed to going beyond it. As active members and supporters of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), Dermody Properties has made a commitment to developing LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certified projects. With a team of  LEED-Accredited Professionals (LEED-AP), we have the expertise needed to develop LEED projects, NOW. 

Dermody Properties strives to be ahead of the curve, to the benefit of our clients.  Studies show that LEED buildings result in significant operational savings, primarily energy, over the life cycle of a building, as much as 20%. We are extremely committed to this quickly-advancing standard and continue to look for innovative methods and products that will provide quality, sustainability, and value to our clients.