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The Advantage of doing Business in the Chicago Market

  • Chicago offers world-class business resources, is one of the most economically diverse cities in the U.S., and provides businesses stability, support and opportunities for growth.
  • Poised at the center of the American economy, Chicago is also benefiting more than ever from global trade.
  • The region offers immediate access to many major arteries of the U.S. Interstate system with major markets such New York City, Denver and New Orleans within a two-day drive.
  • Within a one-day’s drive of major markets in Canada and all distribution destinations in the Midwest.
  • The region is served by all Class 1 railroads, with industry forecasts estimating freight volume in Chicago will increase by 80% over the net fifteen years.
  • The region has a “business friendly government” with a government that has continued to invest at the rate of nearly a billion dollars a year in infrastructure – schools, roads, parks, and public transportation.
  • Its two City-operated airports serve more destinations with more flights than any airport in the world – and they are undergoing dramatic efficiency improvements.
  • The private sector and the Federal government have transformed America’s traditional telecommunications hub into the world’s fastest, highest capacity, and most redundant digital infrastructure. This makes Chicago the data recovery capital of North America – and allows our financial exchanges to connect to Asian and European financial capitals in real time.

  Douglas A. Kiersey, Jr.
  Dermody Properties

  Lou Berchicci
  Senior Vice President - Development
  Midwest Region
  Michael J. Dolan
  Midwest Region
  Vera M. Harder
  Marketing Specialist
  Dermody Properties
  Megan M. Rahn
  Property Administrator
  Midwest Region
  Timothy F. Walsh
  Partner, Chief Acquisition Officer
  Dermody Properties