Industrial Developer and Operating Partner

Our Approach

"Seeing the big picture" is a common expression, but Dermody Properties has an uncommon approach. We believe that our clients must be squarely in the picture to create success; neither of us can do that alone. We expect a final project to surpass original expectations because of the synergy we create with our clients

Customer satisfaction is essential to the best end result. Dermody Properties creates customer satisfaction by treating people fairly, giving them the benefit of our experience and knowledge, and providing responsive service and good value. It is our belief that a company is only as good as the people who represent it. Dermody Properties has a team that cares about each other and our customers, and we apply that care to every project, with every client. 

The proof is in the result. After almost 60 years of doing business, the company has developed industrial facilities, acquired speculative spaces, and designed build-to-suits for over 300 international, national and regional clients, many of whom are the country's most respected companies. 

The company's broader vision of building for tomorrow, however, transcends beyond property development; rather, it encompasses our support for the communities in which we conduct business. In fact, our employee managed Dermody Properties Foundation has been providing funds and volunteer support to worthwhile non-profit organizations and community causes across the country for decades. Sharing our success and giving back to our communities is a vital part of our mission, our philosophy and our vision for the future.


LogistiCenterSM is our national brand, a registered trademark, owned and developed by Dermody Properties.  It represents our business philosophy for meeting Corporate America’s supply-chain requirements.

Dermody Properties' Green Initiative

Dermody Properties is committed to utilizing and exploring energy-efficient resources and environmentally friendly options.